The case went viral…(we) won by a landslide

Mr. Cook was brought into my case by my other attorney to help. He qucikly became a huge asset to the team. The case pertained to police harassment. And the case went viral, " Texas dad arrested for stealing daughter's cell phone." Mr. Cook's knowledge of police duties and practices help to point out how they abused their positions. In court he is extremely attentive and quick witted. His ability to see through a witnesses story and point out the truth became invaluable. What could have been a long hard case to try became very short and won by a landslide. I can't thank Mr. Cook enough for his help with my case. His ability put me at ease and the whole process much smoother than it could have been.

Masterful Attorney - Case Dismissed!

I was referred to Mr. Cook by a reputable lawyer who is a friend. I was charged with minor in possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana. However, the marijuana that I was charged with was not mine and I should not have been charged with it. In addition, the entire search of the vehicle that I was in was an illegal search. Initially, I was confused since I had never been involved in any legal trouble. After meeting with John the first time, I felt much more confident in my chances and he assured me that he would work his hardest to ensure that my rights were protected. The DA offered me a really poor plea deal so I decided to reject it and take my case to trial. During the pre-trial hearing, Mr. Cook displayed a masterful set of skills in which he actually got both state witnesses (the cops involved) to admit that the search was illegal. In my opinion he completely embarrassed them on the stand. His meticulous attention to the details of the case were second to none. The next day the DA dropped the case due to a lack of sufficient evidence. Mr. Cook's professionalism and masterful approach makes him one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Dallas. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great criminal defense lawyer.


Best DWI attorney in the Dallas area.

I needed a good DWI attorney and was very fortunate to find John Cook and Deandra. These two together are the best team of attorneys you can find, seriously. I have seen their dedication and professionalism.


Case Dismissed!

Yesterday was the last time I was required to show up in court!

I hired John Cook to represent me In a case that he told me from the beginning was "weak." I was offered probation by the DA and John told me that he wasn't going to let me take probation...It was obvious to me at that point...No one pushes around John!

As a matter of fact the DA later pulled out on their offer of probation after learning of my past criminal record. John told them to get ready for trial. To make a long story short...John walked out of the court room yesterday with a grin on his face and said "case dismissed!"

John and his paralegal Carmen are the dream team in Dallas Texas! At one point I even got stressed out and yelled a little at Carmen! (I'm sorry Carmen)

Guess what no one pushes around Carmen either John Called me and told me what he thought about that too!

Not only do I recommend you hire John to represent you....I have! I've already sent John two separate clients both of which have him on retainer. I will continue to send him whomever I run into who has found themselves in a bind!

Thank you John

Thank you Carmen

Jamie C.

DWI dismissed, charges dropped.

I was arrested for a DWI by very unprofessional cops. John tore apart the prosecution and had my breathalyzer evidence dropped due to coercion. John's skill and an incompetent prosecution led to my charges getting dropped. He's a personable lawyer who actually listens and fights injustice.


John Cook did a phenomenal job on my case

I was stopped for a DUI in Nov 2012. While I felt I was innocent and passed the Field Sobriety Test, the police officer arrested me anyway and I was forced to take a blood sample which came out much higher than the Legal limit. John was actually recommended to me by a friend and former District Attorney so I felt I was in good hands. John did an excellent job of reviewing the evidence, addressing the unique situations and fighting for my Legal rights. Through a very clear presentation and thorough examination and cross examination of the arresting officer, it became very clear that I was not necessarily in the wrong and my rights had been violated.
I will certainly recommend John to others based on his knowledge, legal insight, and savvy demeanor in a courtroom.


Direct and Attention to Details

John did an excellent job defending me on a dwi case that involved blood evidence. Though he was ready to go to trial to defend me he was able to persuade a judge known to be difficult to allow a motion to suppress hearing separate from trial. This allowed us two opportunities to have this evidence removed from the case. In the hearing he destroyed the states witnesses by identifying many failures in the procedures that they followed. His attention to specific details in the arrest records allowed him to, in my opinion, make the witnesses look like bumbling idiots. Apparently the state thought the same and they quickly dropped all the charges against me. I would recommend him to anyone going through this nightmare.

Past Client

The best lawyer in Dallas!!!!

John Cook was referred to me. I met with him at his office and after talking with him I knew.

He tool care of my license that I never lost. He's a very good lawyer

He handled both of my cases and both of them went to trial. We won both of them!!! John Cook is Highly recommend by me. Hands down the BEST!!

DWI Client

Outperformed our wildest expectations in a Criminal Case for Murder

I have known John Cook for almost thirty years and have always seen him strive for the best possible result for cases he handles. I recently recommended him to assist my son's roommate in the defense for his mother in a murder case. In what seemed like a hopeless situation, due to a taped confession, John Cook used his depth of experience and professional conduct to help both the District Attorney and the Judge get a clearer view of the totality of circumstances in the case leading them to use extreme discretion in sentencing with a result of probation for the single mother with a young child at home. To have seen the degree of empathy he gave the children in the family during this time of crisis not only gave me a feeling of confidence for recommending John Cook to them, but it made me proud to be a longtime friend of such a kind and understanding man.

I would not hesitate to call upon John Cook should the need ever arise within my own family for the help in any criminal matter. The unique perspective that John Cook brings to his job as a defense attorney, having been not only a criminal investigator and a criminal prosecutor, is invaluable for all clients. John Cook is a man of integrity, faith, and honesty.


Do yourself a favor...hire John!

I was living in fort worth at the time my DUI happened in Irving, TX. I have an executive position with a large firm in down town fort worth and I needed to find the best lawyer in town to resolve my issue so my employer wouldn't find out about my case.

I researched several lawyers in the DFW area and met with 2 in Fort Worth but I wasn't satisfied with their professionalism and appearance. I play a lot of golf at Shady Oaks Country Club and started to ask some of the members I knew about recommending a DUI lawyer. Three people recommended John Cook to me even though John was located all the way in Dallas. They told me John was the best around. Anyways, John got my DUI dismissed and my license reinstated ! John cook is a regular guy and a very genuine person. I'm glad I did all the research and found him !