Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges is one of the most stressful experiences somebody can experience and being convicted can have devastating and long lasting impacts on your personal life. Those convicted of criminal charges might face lost job opportunities, prison time, and excessive fines and penalties, and it is stressful not just to you, but to your entire family. Your relationships, your career, your financial well being, and even your freedom is on the line when you are facing criminal charges, so it is important to make sure you are represented by an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Strategies in Texas

In many cases, those facing criminal charges are able to have the charges reduced in severity, and sometimes outright dismissed, with the assistance of a capable and effective criminal defense attorney. John M. Cook and his Dallas legal team understand how devastating and long lasting the effects of a criminal conviction can be, and are dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of Texans in the Dallas area. Mr. Cook will bring to bear all of his prior knowledge as a police officer, detective, and assistant district attorney, as well as his considerable skill as a Texas criminal defense attorney, in standing up for you and making sure that any consequences you face as a result of your arrest are as mild as possible.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense

Mr. Cook has a prolific career prosecuting and defending criminal cases, and is able to successfully defend clients against all manner of criminal charges. John M. Cook has successfully represented clients accused of all manner of criminal violations, from murder and manslaughter, to DWI and drug possession, to violent crime and sexual assault. Mr. Cook can also defend clients charged with theft, computer crime, child pornography, and white collar crime of all types. His unique background ensures that your case will be thoroughly worked up from the moment he is retained. John M. Cook understands how to prepare a case for trial while at the same time working to obtain reduced charges or dismissal of charges along the way. He will aggressively seek the suppression of all evidence obtained illegally by the police, and will investigate the actions of law enforcement looking for any additional bases upon which to mount a defense.

Call The Dallas Texas Law Office of John M. Cook

Fortunately, experienced and skillful criminal defense attorneys like John M. Cook are routinely able to have criminal charges against his clients dismissed or reduced in severity. John M. Cook has a proven track record of obtaining favorable results for happy clients, and he and his staff will work tirelessly on your behalf if you retain him for your criminal defense. If you are in the Dallas area and need an experienced criminal defense attorney, call 214-521-6679 today, or email Mr. Cook for a free initial consultation.